Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The first two weeks

The album came to the UPS location near me on Thursday, Oct. 1. I picked it up, because the thought of 1,000 CDs sitting in my driveway while I was at work was disturbing. There were only five boxes; I thought there would be more. But, it was a fairly minimal package, so it didn't take up much room.

I listened to it. Then after awhile I stopped listening to it. I sent a whole bunch away -- to friends, family, radio DJs I know. I let some people know it was out, and the checks started coming. People are buying it!

I brought it to a few gigs and open mics, and sold a couple that way. Not as many as I'd hoped, but still...each one is a big deal still! I'm getting lots of good feedback. It feels good, but I remind myself -- those are my friends; they have to say nice things. Anyway, slowly, little by little, it's getting out there.

If you want a copy, send a check made out to Pat Lamanna for $15 to 27 Meyer Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. I should also be on CD Baby eventually, but not yet.

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