Thursday, November 26, 2009

CD Release Party, and NERFA

My CD Release Party was on the afternoon of Sunday, November 1, 2009. I was extremely fortunate that many of the people who'd performed on the album were able to attend and back me up. Only the violinist and harmonica player were unable to make it. About 30 people came, some from a distance -- and gave me a standing ovation! My first one ever!

I had each of my backup performers do a song of their own. That took some of the pressure off of me and I think made it a more varied, and therefore enjoyable, concert. The other performers seemed to feel I was doing them a favor, but really it was a favor to me as well. I'm really glad I did it.

I sold about 17 CDs that day. I'm not keeping track as well as I should, I suppose. I have 1,000 of the things. I doubt I'm going to be running out. But I should keep some sort of track so I'll get an idea of when I break even. I figured out that I'd have to sell about 366 of them at $15 each to break even. But I did give someone a discount -- she wanted ten, for Pete's sake! How cool is that? Another person bought 6, and another 3. That's when I really feel like my music must be making a difference. I expected my friends to buy it for themselves, but I didn't expect them to be buying copies to give away to people who don't know me. A good feeling.

Speaking of Pete, I gave Pete Seeger one at a rally we were at together but he left it behind when he left the rally. I hope that was a mistake. I'm going to try again, though he may really not want it. I know he gets a lot of unsolicited music, but we stand together at the peace rallies many Saturdays so I thought maybe I was different. But maybe not.

I went to NERFA this year for the first time. It was daunting. I'm not ready for the level of shameless self-promotion in evidence there. I just feel blessed to have a day job that can support this habit. There's no way I could make a living off of this if I had to hustle like that. I give folks a lot of credit who do music for a living, and I do what I can to support them. There sure are a lot of great singer-songwriters out there.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you all have as much to be thankful for as I have.

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