Thursday, August 20, 2009

Patience Is Required

I got back from a lovely 10-day vacation, thinking that the music part of the CD would be all wrapped up. My daughter and son-in-law were working on the artwork. I somewhat frantically called them before I left, afraid that the music would be done but not the art, and the CD wouldn't be ready by my target of the last weekend in August, when Summersongs would meet.

My daughter called me when I was shopping at the Farmers Market in Seattle, and again when I was boarding the plane to go home. They were working hard on getting the cover art completed, and consulting with me when they had a question. Meantime, the music wasn't getting done. So when I got home I found that the art was done in time, but the CD wasn't mastered. It wouldn't be ready in time for Summersongs after all.

But the master master, Mark Dann, wanted a little more time to make the album even better than it already was, thanks to Vito Petroccitto's expert mixing as well as his musical contributions, and those of many others. So I said yes -- what the heck, if it wasn't going to be ready for Summersongs, it might as well be as good as possible. This may be the only solo CD I ever make, it should reflect my (and Vito's and Mark's) best work.

My dream had been to have the CC done before my vacation, so I could hand out copies to my friends who put me up, fed me and showed me around their respective cities and towns. Then I had dreamed of being one of several aspiring singer-songwriters to show up at Summersongs with a new album. But it was not to be. In the long run, it won't matter. I ordered 1,000 copies; this CD will be adorning my basement for another 30 years so a month or two one way or the other won't make a difference. I swallowed my disappointment and moved on...I guess...

Now I'm trying to figure out a date for the mandatory "CD Release Party." Oy -- I don't want to think about that now!

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