Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On the radio

So my dear friends Barbara and Graham Dean invited me to come on their radio show, Common Sense Songs on WBCR ( from 8 to 9 PM this evening. For a week I practiced an hour every night, singing every song on my CD so I'd be comfortable with any of them.

I got there with my rough mixdown of songs, the master not having been completed yet. And I wound up not playing a single song live! I guess you could say I chickened out. Every time I practiced, and no matter how many times I played each song, it seemed I could barely get through one without making some mistake -- a wrong chord, forgetting a verse, saying a word wrong, hitting a wrong note. The CD is imperfect, but at least I know every mistake on it, and they're small. I didn't want to chance blanking out on the words or playing a bad chord or messing up a riff. So I brought my guitar and songs for nothing.

But I think we had a really good conversation, I got most of the points in that I wanted to, the songs were played at the right times and with the right introductions and smooth segues. Graham and Barbara were wonderful hosts and kept the conversation flowing and relevant. Maybe some of you reading this heard about it on that radio show. It was the first time I made public the fact that I'm blogging. This is more like a diary for me...until now.

I was on the phone and email about the CD cover right up until it was time to make the one and a half hour drive to Great Barrington, MA for the radio show. There seems to be a problem with the way the writing is on the spine. But my son-in-law says he can fix it. And I couldn't download the proofs that Oasis sent me so they're going to put it in the mail. How quaint.

The day after tomorrow is Summersongs! That's why I wanted the CD to be ready by now. But my friends will just have to wait. Meantime they can read this blog. When the CD is really, truly, out in the world I'm going to post all the lyrics and back stories of all the songs on the album.

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