Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Radio Head

Happy New Year!

On Monday, January 4, 2010 I drove out to the Pine Hill Community Center for an interview with Terry Doyle of Imprint, an Internet radio show. My show will be aired the week of January 24th. For the exact schedule, visit

I’d met Terry at NERFA, the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance ( conference in November. I was sitting at the Peoples Music Network table; he was tabling nearby. I gave him one of my CDs. A few days after NERFA, I got an email from Terry: Pat, I like the sound and feel of your CD…I’d like to line you up for an interview for the ‘imprint’ program in the near future.” (I should mention here, I print out all the positive feedback I’ve gotten about the CD and file it in a folder marked “CD Project Feedback.” When I’m feeling down it’s great to read through it all.) It took awhile to work out a day that was good for both of us, but finally here was the day.

Driving out to Pine Hill was a joy. Pine Hill is a tiny town off of Route 28 just 10 miles past Phoenicia, the town where Camp Woodland was located. I always love to drive to the Catskills. On this day, there had been a rather serious snowfall the day before, so it lay still white and enchanting on both sides of the road. The roads themselves had been plowed and sanded with red dirt that stuck to my tires and the bottoms of my boots, when I walked through the parking lot. Along the way I stopped at Bread Alone, my favorite bakery, for a loaf of organic mixed grain.

Terry was waiting when I arrived. We spent about an hour chatting before getting down to the 18-minute interview. Terry had chosen three good songs to play and had come up with some great questions. It went smoothly, I thought, and I said most of what I had wanted to. (I did forget to plug Peoples Music Network, but that’s the only regret I have.)

I’ve been doing whatever radio I can, but I guess I’m not doing the shameless self-promotion bit as I should be. Oh well, I have a day job; this is a hobby and I can do (or not do) what I want.

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